No-Fly Lists, Underwear Bombs and the 'War on Terror'

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167x120 image for tp120515no-fly_lists_underweThe latest version of al Qaeda's underwear bomb revealed technology that could defeat airport scanners maintained by the Transportation Security Administration. In the meantime, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing a Constitutional challenge to the government's No-Fly list. One of the plaintiffs is Ibraheim "Abe" Mashal, a four-year veteran of the US Marines. He's now a traveling dog trainer, who discovered that he was on the No-Fly list when he tried to check into a flight from Chicago to Spokane, Washington. He's one of 500 American citizens on the FBI's list, without explanation or any way to appeal. We hear about the latest in high-tech terrorist technology and the denial of Constitutional rights.




Warren Olney