Anybody but Bush in 2004

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All through the Democratic primaries, the dominant theme in the exit polls has been -anybody but Bush.- In state after state, it-s not the issues that are propelling John Kerry toward nomination but his so-called -electablility.- That may be enough to bring anti-Bush Democrats to the polls, but will it be enough to win in November? With America politically divided as never before, will that give Independents and swing voters the final say? We hear more about partisan politics and the evolution of the 2004 presidential campaign from journalists and Democratic and Republican strategists.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Clout of Popular Culture
    At last week-s Oscar ceremonies, many of the stars that walked up the red carpet didn-t get out of Cadillac limousines. The hip vehicle on that Hollywood night was the Toyota Prius. What does that say about America-s celebrity-conscious culture? Matt Peterson, president of Global Green, reports on how his environmental organization took advantage of celebrity clout to build on its work in renewable energy and climate change.
This program is an abbreviated version of one broadcast earlier today on To the Point.

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