Auto Tailpipe Emissions Bill to Become Law

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Federal law says that only the Congress can set higher standards for gasoline mileage. Until recently, Michigan Democrats and Texas Republicans kept that from happening. Now, in the name of global warming, Governor Davis has promised to make an end run around Congress, which has refused to raise those standards for SUV-s. But while environmentalists are cheering, the auto industry is protesting the threat to its cash cow that-s hugely popular with American drivers. We hear how the new law-s expected to work and what it might mean for the rest of the country from Democratic Assemblywoman Fran Pavley, who wrote the legislation, and Charles Territo of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
  • Newsmaker: OC Sewage Treatment on Tap
    Tomorrow, the Orange County Sanitation District will decide whether to spend $ 400 million to upgrade the treatment of sewage piped into the ocean off its coastline. The measure is strongly supported by environmentalists, opposed by many businesses. Pat Brennan, who-s following the -big sewage showdown- for the Orange County Register, considers the future of sewage treatment, public perceptions, and the impact of both on the beach economy.
Reporter-s Notebook: Will Mark Kroeker Be the Next LAPD Chief? Friday is the last day to apply for the job of replacing Bernard Parks as Chief of the LAPD. A headhunting firm will present a list of candidates to the Police Commission, which will send three finalists to Mayor Hahn in mid-August. Tonight, we begin a series of candidate interviews.

Mark Kroeker, who served with the LAPD for 32 years, was runner up to Bernard Parks five years ago. After that, he retired, helped the UN reconstruct police agencies in Bosnia, and then moved to Portland where he has been the Chief of Police since December, 1999. Kroeker says he looks forward to coming home and meeting the challenges of leading LA-s finest.

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