Ballot Initiatives and the California Primary

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California has more voters and more potential Democratic delegates than any other state, but none of the candidates still left in the Democratic primary is even bothering to advertise here on TV. Unless there-s a huge surprise, the big story after tomorrow-s voting will be Governor Schwarzenegger-s ballot propositions. We find out why, take a final look at the state's four all-important ballot propositions and what they could mean for California's future with veteran Sacramento Bee political writers Dan Weintraub and Peter Schrag.
  • Making News: Grocery Strike Settlement
    Today, after almost five months, California-s longest grocery strike is finally over, and although the United Food and Commercial Workers approved a settlement with 86 percent of the voting membership, that doesn't mean they got a good deal. Daniel Mitchell, a professor at UCLA-s Anderson School of Management, assesses the two-tier contract and its implications for new and current employees and the nation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Slate Mailers
    On the days just before an election, California mailboxes fill up with cards urging them to vote for or against a candidate or proposition, but these slate mailers don-t always seem to make sense. This year, for example, Democrats are getting cards advocating the re-nomination of US Senator Barbara Boxer. Some also advocate voting for Prop 56, but others say yes on Boxer and no on 56. Jim Knox of California Common Cause clarifies what the mailers are where they come from.

UFCW on new grocery contract

Democratic Presidential Primary

US Senate race

Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act (Prop 55)

State Budget, Taxes, and Reserve-Voting Requirements, Penalties Initiative (Prop 56)

Economic Recovery Bond Act (Prop 57)

California Balanced Budget Act (Prop 58)

Senator McClintock's 13% Solution

Treasurer Angelides' Contingency Plan for Fiscal Stability and Accelerated Debt Retirement



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