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Democrat Gray Davis is a highly vulnerable incumbent. He-s blamed for the energy crisis and accused of devoting more time to campaign fundraising than governing the state. But fourteen weeks before the election, his Republican challenger has problems of his own. For weeks, Bill Simon refused to release his tax returns, as most candidates do. After repeated questions about what he was hiding, he finally went public, but with so many restrictions that reporters found many questions left unanswered. More recently, a jury awarded Simon-s former business partner, a convicted drug smuggler, 8 million in a civil fraud case. We speak with Bill Simon about personal finance, corporate oversight and state governance.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Changing Trends in Residential Segregation
    Southern California is the nation-s most diverse region. So it-s surprising that a new study by the Public Policy Institute of California cites the Los Angeles area is the most -segregated- part of the state. Hans Johnson, who co-authored the report, -Who-s Your Neighbor,- explains this paradox of segregation amid diversity in Southern California.

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