California Afghans Want Voice in New Government

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Tomorrow, in the San Francisco Bay Area, expatriate Afghans will meet to discuss their role in their homeland after the Taliban. These professionals, bureaucrats and businessmen, who fled during the Soviet occupation of the 1980's, never returned to lived under under the harsh rule of the fundamentalist Taliban. Now they want to help their country rebuild. But will their good intentions be sufficient to make them give up their new comforts and freedoms to return to a devastated homeland? We hear about the goals and concerns of Afghan expatriates who want to take part in rebuilding their country.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bag Matching on Domestic Flights - Five years after it was first proposed, the airline industry still opposes a recommendation that domestic fights be subject to the same bag-matching rule as international flights. Gerald Kauvar, who proposed the precautionary measure, and airline industry consultant Bill Oliver share their thoughts about the cost, reliability and value of such a procedure.

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