California Race Survey

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California population is changing. Whites have shrunk to less than 50%, all ethnic and racial groups are now "in the minority," and mixed-race is the third largest category of newborns. The Public Policy Institute of California has just released a survey on the state's race relations. What does it mean to be a Californian in the 21st century? Will diversity replace division, and coalitions supplant race-based remedies? We hear about the survey and reactions to it from Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, UC Regent Ward Connerly, and others.
  • Newsmaker: Taking Control of Our Energy Destiny - Another statewide-elected official is proposing that state government get into the utility business by selling 10 billion dollars in bonds to finance construction, ownership and operation of 15% of the state's electrical power. State Treasure Phil Angelides says that by building an energy infrastructure we'll avoid the spiral staircase of rate increases.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA, A Bright Spot on the Energy Scene - When Richard Riordan became mayor, LA's Department of Water and Power was near bankruptcy, but the city's decision not to participate in deregulation allowed DWP to issue tax-free energy bonds. Mayor Riordan tells us that, at least for the moment, the energy outlook for LA is bright.



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