Can California Show the Nation How to Be 'Color Blind?'

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In ten weeks, Californians will vote on whether to recall the Governor they elected only last November, but that-s not all that will be on the ballot. There also will be an initiative measure with the potential to influence the Governor-s fate, and which has the potential to become an issue nationwide. Supporters call Proposition 54 the Racial Privacy Initiative. If it passes, government agencies would be prohibited from asking anyone about race or ethnicity. Opponents say that flies in the face of reality, especially in America-s most diverse state. What about social research and continued discrimination? We debate the pros and cons of such a color-blind society with civil rights activists, a state pollster, and advocates on both sides of the proposed initiative. (An extended version of this segment originally aired on To the Point earlier today.)
  • Making News: LA District Attorney to Retry Inglewood Police Officer
    Yesterday, the jury deadlocked in the trial of a white Inglewood policeman who slammed a black suspect into the hood of a car and punched him in the face. Tonight, Steve Coley say's he'll try Jeremy Morse again. Gina Keating, who's following the trial for Reuters, says Coley will even try to expedite the processing of the case to bring closure to a community that's acted with restraint.
  • Making News: With Budget Passed, Which Programs Made the Cut?
    Yesterday, the state budget finally was passed by Legislators who agreed only that they don-t like it. The complicated formula, which includes $2.3 billion in cuts and relies heavily on borrowing, means lawmakers will have to confront the same structural problems next year. Lynda Gledhill, who reports from Sacramento for the San Francisco Chronicle, looks at the impact on education, healthcare, the environment, and local governments.

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