Catholics in Crisis

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In Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Dallas, and now in Los Angeles, Catholic priests have been dismissed for the sexual abuse of children. The Los Angeles Times reports that as many as 12 local priests have been dismissed, although the Archdiocese won't confirm or deny the report. Cardinal Roger Mahony says that his policy is "zero tolerance." So why are there so many dismissals now for events that occurred in the distant past and why haven't they been made public? We get reactions from victims and priests about the complexities of the continuing crisis.
  • Newsmaker: More LAX Airport Evacuations
    Early today, a ticketing area at LAX was evacuated when screeners found a suspicious object in incoming luggage. Later, an arriving jet was evacuated after a telephone threat. These are the latest in a series of what have turned out to be false alarms. Robert Ditchey, consultant and instructor of airline management, cautions patience as we suffer the growing pains of compartmentalizing airline security.

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