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This year termed-out veterans from the State Legislature and Washington are among those running for an LA City Council strengthened by charter reform, and six strong, experienced candidates want to be mayor. What role will the city's changing ethnic profile and powerful labor movement play in the elections? Will succession movements in the San Fernando Valley, Harbor area and Hollywood threaten the city? We take an early look at the election with political scientists who have helped to shape the city and journalists who cover it.
  • Newsmaker: The GOP and Energy Price Caps - Yesterday, Pres. Bush appointed a free-market advocate to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. San Diego Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham is one of several California Republicans who fault the FERC for its poor performance, and are supporting a bill that would allow the Energy Secretary to impose price caps.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Another GOP View on Price Caps - In our Newsmaker segment, San Diego Republican Congressman "Duke" Cunningham spoke in support of a bill to allow the energy secretary to impose price caps on wholesale energy. His colleague, Orange County Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, shares some very different views about solving the crisis.



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