Children-s Aid Program at Risk

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Women, Infants and Children is a federal program, administered by the states, to help poor families get food they could otherwise not afford. In California, that adds up to more than a million people. But low-income parents who receive WIC subsidies to feed their children say they-re disrespected at ordinary markets. So, specialty stores have sprung up to serve only those customers that have state-issued vouchers. Critics contend that, despite the services they offer, those specialty stores charge so much for milk, eggs and other staples that the program is running out of money. We hear from the stores and the critics.
  • Making News: Peter Camejo Named Ralph Nader's Presidential Running Mate
    Long-time activist Peter Camejo of California's Green Party will be running for vice president with Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Warren Olney speaks with Camejo about how that might help get Nader on more state ballots and what it could mean for Democratic candidate John Kerry.
  • Reporter's Notebook: First Private Space Flight a Success
    Test pilot Mike Melvill flew 62 miles above Earth today in a rocket ship which became the first privately financed craft to go into space. He called the view from SpaceShipOne "staggering." Craig Schichtmann, editor of says the historic flight could signal the end of "uber-expensive" space flight programs.

Nader's announcement of Camejo as running mate

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