Commissioners Endorse Newhall Ranch Development

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The Newhall Ranch development, just east of anti-sprawl Ventura County, got an important stamp of approval last night from the LA County Planning Commission. The endorsement moves the massive development closer to becoming a suburb of the suburban San Fernando Valley. But there is uncertainty if the land and water table can handle such an encroachment. We get a resounding "no" from a Newhall Water District board member, then positive assessment from a representative of the Newhall Land & Farming Company which has spent seven years developing the 21,600-home project. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: State Legislators Get Back to Work - Priorities are shifting by the minute as the state Legislature tries to push through several bills in the last weeks of this session. Meanwhile, Governor Davis, who's seen his approval ratings plummet, is trying to determine what will help him win a second term. Dan Walters, of The Sacramento Bee, says the two agendas have little in common.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Less Drug Dealing but More Deaths in LA Street Gangs - The work of special police units led to the arrests of thousands of gang members in the 90's. Now, jailed gang members are getting out. Terry McCarthy, of Time magazine, followed one gang earlier this year to see what happens when the new generation of gangbangers mixes with those from the old school, now reemerging.

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