Concussions Are on the Rise — Not Just Among Football Players

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The risk of concussions is not confined to men and boys who play football. One of the most common concussion-producing sports is women’s soccer. And organized contact sports aren’t the only activities that lead to brain injuries that can be disabling: consider what happens to skate-boarders and snow-boarders. We’ll hear about a local school that’s testing every student, athlete or not, to establish a baseline that parents, teachers and doctors can use for comparison when an injury is sustained.

Also, the modernization of LAX: will passengers be any happier when it’s over? Will subcontractors get paid?

Banner Image: Vanderbilt Quarterback Jay Cutler (#6-white) is sacked by U.S. Naval Academy Midshipman 2nd Class Jeremy Chase (#48-blue) in a game Navy would win, 29-26, on September 25, 2004; Credit: Damon J. Moritz



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