Crossing Southern California's Urban-Nature Interface

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Ronald Dean Barbour was found dead yesterday in the San Bernardino Mountains. The cause of death of the 69-year old hiker is not clear yet. In the past month, four people have died in the same area from avalanches and extreme cold. Twenty-five-year-old Eugene Kumm of Seal Beach, last seen heading toward snow-capped Mt. San Gorgonio a week ago, is still missing. Meantime, Orange County officials have confirmed that the same mountain lion that killed a male cyclist also attacked a woman bicycle rider shortly afterward. In Glendale, five sightings of mountain lions in the past three months have led to warnings about local parks. Is Southern California civilization getting too close to nature? We hear about the benefits and the risks of our most popular forms of outdoor recreation with the author of several hiking guides and a wild animal expert who owns her own mountain lion.
  • Making News: Opportunity Sends Mars Photos as Engineers Repair Spirit
    Though the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says the robot Spirit is -like a patient in rehab,- Opportunity is in perfect health. Jim Garvin, lead scientist for NASA-s Mars Exploration Program, updates recovery efforts for Spirit which will help scientists avoid the similar problems with Opportunity, and expounds on early images and data from NASA's "300,000,000-mile hole-in-one," which touched down on the other side of the Red Planet Saturday.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Toni Casey Attempts to Unseat Senator Boxer
    The candidates for the Republican nomination to run against Barbara Boxer include former US Treasurer Rosario Marin; former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, who helped lead the recall of Gray Davis; and former Secretary of State Bill Jones, who has the endorsement of Governor Schwarzenegger. The fourth candidate is the former mayor of Los Altos Hills, a suburb of San Jose. Toni Casey, calls herself the voice of the new Republican Party.

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