Deadly Terrorist Experiments; Abu Nidal Found Dead

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This week, Cable News Network is airing excerpts of 60 videotapes made by al Qaeda. Never designed for broadcast, the recordings constitute the clearest evidence yet that the terrorist network has developed and tested chemical agents. CNN reporter Nic Robertson, who brought the tapes out of Afghanistan, won-t say how or where he got them. Terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp, of Scotland-s St. Andrews University, told the New York Times the tapes suggest that Western intelligence agencies might be underestimating al Qaeda even now. CNN-s national correspondent Mike Boettcher elaborates on the acquisition of the tapes, disturbing images of chemical weapons tests, CNN-s airing of the tapes, and its release of the videos to US intelligence authorities.
  • Newsmaker: Terrorist Leader Abu Nidal Found Dead
    Abu Nidal was an Osama bin Laden-like Palestinian terrorist whose Fateh Revolutionary Council is believed to have killed or injured 900 people in 20 countries. Today, Abu Nidal reportedly has been found dead of gunshot wounds in his Baghdad apartment. Palestinian journalist Lamis Andoni has more on the terrorist-s death and deadly legacy.


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