DMV Braces for Immigrant Applications for Licenses

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For twenty years undocumented residents in California have not been allowed to apply for driver's licenses. Soon they can, and the DMV is bracing for a sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of new test takers. Guest host Barbara Bogaev learns how the department will handle the onslaught of applicants and how law enforcement will cope with this new class of motorist. Also, a victory in court for a UCLA doctor who alleged the UC system retaliated after he spoke out against perceived conflicts of interest at UCLA’s medical school. 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, Warren Olney talks about President Obama's trip to Asia and the United States trade and strategic interests in the region.

Banner image: The Department of Motor Vehicles' second public workshop on AB 60 regulations in Bell, California. February 13, 2014. Photos: DMV