Embryonic Stem Cell and Right-to-Die Decisions

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President Bush last night announced his decision on federal funding of stem cell research. After great deliberation, prayer and lobbying by religious groups and researchers, Bush ultimately approved federal funding "with limitations". We weigh the promise, perils and politics of stem cell research, and get the reaction to the President's compromise, from doctors, scientists, politicians and experts on ethics. (This is an condensed version of today's To the Point discussion.)
  • Newsmaker: Setback to Right-to-Die Movement - The State Supreme Court has set a new right-to-die standard that affects brain damaged or "minimally conscious" patients with no "clear and convincing evidence" that they would rather die than go on living. Dr. Jack Lewin, of the California Medical Association, says doctors are concerned that patients will be subjected to treatment they don't want.

California Medical Association

Supreme Court's Decision (Conservatorship of Wendland 8/9/01 SC)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

US House Rules Committee

National Catholic Bioethics Center



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