Embryonic Stem Cells and the Presidential Campaign

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Britain today gave scientists the go-ahead to therapeutically clone human embryos and get stem cell research going full speed into the treatment of Diabetes, Parkinson-s, Alzheimer-s and a host of other dreadful diseases. That action comes as the White House has been denying John Kerry-s charge that President Bush has delayed medical progress for political reasons. Are embryos, artificially manufactured for research into the treatment of humanity-s worst ailments, human life or aren-t they? Warren Olney considers this hot-button political issue and the impact it could have on undecided voters with policy advisors to both Senator Kerry and President Bush. (An extended version of this program was broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ahmad Chalabi Returns to Baghdad to Face Charges
    When President Bush addressed the State of the Nation, Ahmad Chalabi was seated right behind the First Lady. Today, the one-time Pentagon favorite returned to Iraq to respond to charges of currency counterfeiting that could land him in jail. His nephew, Salem Chalabi, who led the tribunal that will try Saddam Hussein, is facing charges of murder. Long-time Chalabi advisor Francis Brooke says the accusations are political motivated.

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