Farmers' Market Accident Renews Public Safety Debates

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It is one day after the awful tragedy at Santa Monica-s Downtown Farmers- Market, when 86 year-old George Russell Weller plowed through two blocks of stalls and pedestrians on Arizona Avenue. The death toll has risen to 10, with the latest victim a 7-month old baby. Several others are still in critical condition. How will the city shake off the horror? Will the market open again? What about the prospect of lawsuits? We talk about the effort to mourn the dead, heal the injured and move on, with the market's Laura Avery, Mayor Richard Bloom, a friend of driver George Weller, and an attorney who specializes in high-profile litigation. We also speak with a specialist in aging about renewed calls for additional driving tests as drivers get older.

For information about Saturday's memorial service as well as what you can do to help the victims of this week's tragedy, go the guest list/links section immediately below. Please note that plans for the memorial are just being formulated and may change somewhat. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Memorial (Saturday, July 19)

Relief Fund (Santa Monica Chamber: 310-393-9825 x10)

Crisis counseling and blood donations

SMPD investigation



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