From Anti-War to Anti-Bush: The New Peace Movement

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In the first days of the war in Iraq, big crowds turned out to protest in cities all over the country. But the war is already over, and even opponents concede that many Iraqis are glad to be seeing the last of Saddam Hussein. Now, President Bush is riding high, and polls show many Americans would be willing to fight some more. So, what was wrong with the anti-war message? Leaders say there-s still plenty to protest, but their numbers are dwindling. Can they still get people to take to the streets or will they have to resort to electoral politics? We hear from a Vietnam-era protestor who heads a national antiwar coalition, the news editor of and a San Francisco-area registered Republican who has come out against the war.
  • Making News: Anaheim Angels to Get New Owner
    When the Anaheim Angles won the World Series, it was the kind of story Walt Disney might love, but it wasn-t enough to make the Walt Disney Company hold on to the Halos. Disney has reached an agreement in principle to sell out to Arizona billboard mogul Arturo Moreno. Bernard Wolfson of the Orange County Register is following the story of the first Latino to own an American major-league sports team.

Wolfson's article, "Angels apparently sold but are safe at home"

Arizona Diamondbacks

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