Goldberg's Vacant Seat

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Since Jackie Goldberg left for the State Assembly, 250,000 LA residents have been without an elected voice at city hall. Until a replacement is named, Chief-of-staff Sharon Delugach, who has said she has no interest in running for the seat, is seeing to residents' needs. Council members agree on the need for a process to fill vacancies, increasing because of term limits and neighborhood councils, but differ over appointment or election of replacements. We'll get both sides of the empty-seat debate from council members Laura Chick, who's a candidate for city controller, and Joel Wachs. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Foot-and-Mouth Disease Inspections at LAX - Travelers from Europe are getting the once-over from federal inspectors trying to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease into the US. The virus, which doesn't affect humans, is spread by them and can debilitate whole herds of farm animals. Ron Hennessey heads the Agriculture Department's inspection efforts in Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Seats on the Cheap - It's a buyer's market for those seeking ticket outside major sports events. The phenomenon appears to relate to the departure of sports heroes, an increase in unused corporate seats, and a growing roster of high-paid low-delivery athletes. Sam Walker, of The Wall Street Journal, spoke with brokers and fans around the US in his two-month look at ticket availability.

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