Governor Davis Wants More Power Lines

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Governor Gray Davis has approved a public takeover of California's private power lines. The multi-billion dollar cost, would be inflated by hundreds of millions in upkeep. While it relieves debt-ridden utilities, it won't provide additional energy. Is it a buyout or a bailout? Who really benefits? We ask Democratic State Senator Debra Bowen and Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman, as well as representatives of Edison International and Trans-Elect, an independent company trying to build a national network of transmission grids. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts on this half-hour edition of WWLA.)
  • Newsmaker: L.A. Mayoral Race Update - It's been a good week, bad week for former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa. Daily News' Rick Orlov says the endorsement of the county's Democratic party may distract voters from his role in Clinton's pardon of a convicted drug kingpin. Orlov also updates us on other major candidates in the hotly contested mayoral race.

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