Governor Schwarzenegger-s First Day at Work

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Yesterday, he proposed -the miracle of Sacramento.- Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled out his -California Recovery Plan.- In addition to calling for three special legislative sessions, the Governor urged California voters to call their lawmakers to demand action, and to pass a massive bond issue in the election next March. We hear more about the promise and potential pitfalls of Governor Schwarzenegger's proposals from state Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill, one of the people who know the most about the state-s financial condition.
  • Making News: The Legislature Goes Back to Work
    Today, Governor Schwarzenegger repeated his call for bipartisanship as he called three special legislative sessions. John Hill and Ed Fletcher of the Sacramento Bee report on the Governor's request that lawmakers pass Workers' Compensation reforms, a different driver-s license plan for illegal immigrants, a financial package that includes a spending cap and a $15 billion bond issue.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: The Foreign Media Covers a State Inauguration
    Yesterday-s inaugural was an odd mixture of Hollywood and Sacramento, with 7500 hand-picked guests, including a gaggle of movie stars. The Governor drove to three luncheons in a fleet of SUV-s along a route dotted with t-shirt salesmen and protesters. How is the new act playing in Schwarzenegger-s native Austria? Raimund Low is Washington Bureau chief for Austrian Radio and Television.

Governor's call for a special legislative session

California Division of Workers Compensation

Department of Finance

Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Aliens (SB 60)

Hill's article on bond issue

Hill's article on car tax rollback



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