Governor Schwarzenegger Says California Needs Streamlining

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The California Performance Review is billed as the most sweeping reorganization plan in California history, dwarfing even Ronald Regan-s effort to -cut, squeeze and trim- state government. The plan to save $32 billion in five years--without raising taxes or reducing services-- was prepared in total secrecy by 275 special appointees, working with administration officials and outside consultants. When he formally received it today, the Governor said he wants to hear from the public in five hearings scheduled over the next two months. Warren Olney hears the pros and cons of what Schwarzenegger-s calling -CPR- from a Sacramento journalist, the most powerful legislator in California, and the man who led a similar government reform effort in Texas.
  • Making News: Santa Monica Faulted in Farmers' Market Accident
    The deaths of 10 people and injuries to 70 others could have been prevented, or at least reduced, by the City of Santa Monica. That-s the conclusion of the National Transportation Safety Board after investigation of last year-s terrible accident at the Farmers- Market on Arizona Avenue. The LA Times' Martha Groves is reporting the story that could result in even more than the 50 liability lawsuits already filed against the city.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on accident at SM Farmers' Market

LA Times article on NTSB report on SM Farmers' Market accident

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