Governor Schwarzenegger, the State of California and Mexico

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Governor Schwarzenegger is traveling to Mexicali tomorrow, but unlike past governors, who visited routinely with Presidents of Mexico, Schwarzenegger has never met Vicente Fox. When Assembly Speaker Fabian Nu-ez met Fox in Mexico City last month, he said Fox urged him to encourage better relations. Mexico is California's principal trading partner, and 25% of Californians are of Mexican descent. That's from the Tomas Rivera Institute at USC, which also reports that California's relationship with Mexico is worth $159 billion a year and 200,000 jobs. What's the cost-benefit ratio of illegal immigration? What do volunteer border patrols and denial of the license to drive look like from south of the border? We speak with Mexico's Consul General and the head of the Tomas Rivera Institute about economics and politics in California's relations with Mexico.
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The Economic Impact of the Mexico-California Relationship, TRPI report on



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