Henry Waxman, Liberal Crusader, Will Retire

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After 40 years in Washington, Los Angeles Democrat Henry Waxman announced today he won't run for re-election. We talk with the Congressman many Democrats call the best in the business — the bane of Republicans, although he does claim to have compromised when he had to. What's next for the Westside and South Bay, a political feeding frenzy? Also, the Culver Ice Arena is scheduled to close this weekend,  be replaced by a rock climbing facility. But fans of the 52-year-old ice rink have found new hope.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, global warming is not just a fact of life, it's already source of profit — with much more to come for those betting that nothing's going to be done. We hear how melting ice, drought and massive rainfall are creating a business boom, with dangerous implications for social and economic inequality.

Banner image: Congressman Henry Waxman announces his retirement, January 30, 2014



Warren Olney