Islamophobia Turns into Mass Murder in Norway

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Islamophobia Turns into Mass Murder in NorwayThe death toll from last week's bombing and shootings in Norway is now said to be 76 and the names of the victims are being released. Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted to the atrocities, is in solitary confinement and his lawyer says he's "insane." But he's not alone in concern about the impact of immigration. We hear about the reaction to multiculturalism in Norway, other countries in Europe and the United States.   


Tomm Kristiansen - NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), Tore Bjorgo - Norwegian Police University College, Joerg Forbrig - German Marshall Fund - @JoergForbrig, Scott Shane - New York Times - @ScottShaneNYT

Warren Olney

Darrell Satzman, Julia Flucht, Christian Bordal