<I>Boom: The Sound of Eviction</I>, from SF to LA

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A new film opening tomorrow at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood captures the boom and the bust of San Francisco-s high-tech economy, and how the rich got richer buying up poor people-s houses. But the cautionary tale also recounts the downside, the gentrification of low-income housing which devastated working-class neighborhoods. Mark Liiv, co-director of Boom: The Sound of Eviction, exposes what happened in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods, but one that became home to some of the best community planning. Larry Gross, of the Coalition for Economic Survival, says that the film offers some timely lessons for Los Angeles.
  • Newsmaker: School Board Votes to Finish Belmont
    Last night, LA-s elected School Board reversed a decision made two years ago and approved completion of the Belmont Learning Center in downtown Los Angeles. One of those who changed his mind was David Tokofsky, who says it-s time to stop worrying about what-s underground and concentrate on what could happen inside.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Lobbyists, Money and Power in Sacramento
    Although the state Constitution provides for a two-house Legislature comprised of the Senate and Assembly, long practice has established what-s called -the third house.- That fixture lends its name to a new book co-authored by Dan Walters, a columnist for The Sacramento Bee. The Third House: Lobbyists, Money and Power in Sacramento presents an insider-s look at lawmaking in the state capital.

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