INS to Enforce Tougher Penalties on Noncitizens

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Attorney General John Ashcroft has ordered the Immigration and Naturalization Service to start enforcing a 50-year old law that requires legal immigrants to report new address within 10 days of their moving. More than a million legal residents of LA and Orange Counties could face big fines, jail or deportation for failure to file in a timely manner. While intended to enhance national security, some critics have expressed concern that the law will be selectively enforced. Others claim that the already paper-saturated INS would be overwhelmed. We look at the newly upgraded enforcement of an old law with an immigration attorney and Univisi-n commentator, and the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank which advocates immigration controls.
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    Authorities have arrested a woman for starting a forest fire that-s threatening California-s sequoias, some of the biggest and oldest trees in the world. A dozen aerial water-tankers are assisting 1000 firefighters on the ground to fight the inferno. Lewis Jump, a forester for the Sequoia National Forest, says there-s no containment or control in sight for the blaze that-s already consumed over 50,000 acres.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Beach Closures Fewer in LA, Worse in OC
    With vacation time in full swing, the Natural Resources Defense Council has released its 12th annual report on nationwide pollution. David Beckman, director of the NRDC-s Coastal Water Quality Project, credits a successful monitoring program for improving water quality along the California coastline.

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