Iraq Troop Surge Ends

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Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says we are at the endgame in Iraq, but the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs says we might not be winning in Afghanistan. As General David Petraeus completes his tour of duty in Iraq, has the war reached a turning point? Has the surge worked? Will Afghanistan once again become the top priority in the Bush Administration's war on terror? Will the next president be offered a new set of military options for Iraq and Afghanistan? How will Petraeus' priorities change when he leaves Iraq and takes over Centcom with responsibility for the entire region?

Shawn Brimley - Center for a New American Security - @shawnbrimley, Linda Robinson - RAND, Douglas MacGregor - Retired Army colonel, decorated combat veteran and the author of five books - @MacGregorDoug, Nazar Janabi - former official, Iraqi Ministry of Defense

Lawrence O'Donnell

Sonya Geis, Christian Bordal, Andrea Brody