Is a State-of-the Art Facility Real Jail Reform?

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A new proposal is out for a replacement for the deteriorating Men's Central Jail, often referred to as the largest mental health facility in the country. Nearly everyone agrees the aging structure is inhumane, but will a new state-of-the-art facility help address concerns about the large population of mentally ill inmates? Since last year, the price tag has jumped a billion dollars, with the total now at roughly $2 billion. The County Sheriff's Department says it will reduce recidivism and overcrowding, and improve living conditions for mentally ill inmates, but not everyone agrees. Guest host Barbara Bogaev hears differing opinions. 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, a new study says that the top 10% of Americans has the most political influence. Is that just capitalism as usual? If our country is indeed controlled by the very few, and the very rich how do we level the playing field? Also, the FDA unveils new plans to regulate the burgeoning electronic cigarette industry.

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