California's Ballot Initiative Process Is Up for Grabs

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California's ballot initiative was established by legal reformers as an alternative to the legislative process. It allows citizens a way to create their own law — first by paying a fee, then by gathering enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Now a Huntington Beach attorney has made a mockery of the process. He calls it the "Sodomy Suppression Act," which would allow the killing of all gays and lesbians. He's paid the fee $200. Legal experts say that Attorney General Kamala Harris is now required to provide a title and a 100-word summary so that signature gathering can begin. It will take 365,000 to qualify for the ballot.


Joe Mathews - Host, "Zocalo's Connecting California" - @joemmathews, Kim Alexander - president of California Voter Foundation - @kimalex3, Charlotte Laws - advocate against revenge porn - @CharlotteLaws

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