King/Drew Medical Center

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SUSAN GOLDSMITH: Staff writer at New Times Los Angeles who wrote this past week's cover story on King/Drew medical center. DR. EDWARD SAVAGE: Medical Director of King/Drew Medical Center, Professor and Chief of division of Gynecology at Drew University, and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCLA. Also senior associate dean for Charles Drew Medical Center, he's been with the hospital since 1973.YVONNE BRAITHWAITE-BURKE: President of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors REES LLOYD: Civil rights and workers' rights attorney, formerly the lawyer for Cesar Chavez and United Farmworkers. He has represented several doctors in their discrimination cases against King, he currently represents Amy Guttierez. DR. BALA: Board certified surgeon, associate professor of emergency medicine at King/Drew and UCLA, founder of department of emergency medicine and the residency program at King/Drew Medical Center.JOHN HILL: Affirmative Action Compliance Officer, Los Angeles County, since 1994ALAN CLAYTON: Director of Equal Employment Opportunity for the LA County Chicano Employees Association, has been fighting discrimination at King for over ten years. ROB STUTZMAN: Director of Communications at the Attorney General's office. JACK KYSER: Chief Economist with Economic Development Corporation.




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