Klamath Basin

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For 100 years, the federal Bureau of Reclamation has been promising to dole out water from dams and canals in the Klamath Basin that straddles the California-Oregon border. There are 700 claims on the water from farmers, Native Americans, and wildlife, totaling eight times more than there is water to use. This year, a disaster-in-the-making became reality with the worst drought in local history. Now, although farmers are finally getting some water, it may be too little too late. We update a story as old as the West, with an Oregon grower, an environmental advocate and federal water manager.
  • Reporter's Notebook:Harry Bridges' 100th Birthday - A Celebration of the Wharf Rat Unionizer The late Harry Bridges, reviled as a Communist for 21 years, built the Longshoremen's Union into a West Coast power. Actor Ian Ruskin, who heads the Harry Bridges Project, will portray Bridges in the one-man show, From Wharf Rats to Lord of the Docks. He celebrates the defiant union organizer on what would have been his 100th birthday. (KCRW will air the one-man show on Thursday and Friday, July 26-27 in place of this program.)

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