Laguna Beach Landslide

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In Orange County, the rains may be over, but the houses are still sliding. Almost 350 homes have been evacuated in the Blue Bird Canyon neighborhood of Laguna Beach. Fifteen are destroyed or severely damaged. Homeowners have lost not only their homes--many valued at more than $2 million--but the land beneath them, which in southern California is often an even more expensive commodity. Police are telling residents to get out and stay out. It's not the Big One but underground water that's being blamed for landslides that are deep below the Earth's surface. We get some eyewitness accounts from a resident who got a rude shock this morning, and find out what's happening from a reporter for the Orange County Register and a USC professor of real estate law.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mark Felt the Only Deep Throat?
    Vanity Fair magazine first quoted former FBI agent Mark Felt as saying, -I'm the guy they called Deep Throat.- Now the Washington Post has confirmed it and tomorrow will publish an article about the revelation by Bob Woodward, one of the original Watergate reporters. Historian Joan Hoff, former president of the Center for the Study of the Presidency in New York and author of Nixon Reconsidered, is skeptical. (This segment originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)

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