LA's Public Toilet Controversy

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Los Angeles is about to acquire 150 self-cleaning, public pay toilets worth 250,000 dollars apiece. They'll be imported from France, where they're both fashionable and popular. Supporters insist they'll help maintain public spaces and afford the homeless much needed facilities. Critics contend they'll become magnets for drugs and prostitution. We speak with City Councilmen Nick Pacheco and Dennis Zine whose districts are as distinct their views on the controversial proposal, and an architect in London whose public toilet has become a landmark gathering-place for the hip.
  • Newsmaker: Last Port of LA Cannery to Close - At one time, 18 canneries supported 17,000 workers and 2,000 fishermen. But this fall will mark the end of an era as LA's last tuna cannery, Chicken of the Sea, closes down. Local historian Art Almeida once worked at a San Pedro cannery. He reflects on a prominent LA industry that provided work for thousands of immigrants.

Chicken of the Sea

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Nick Pacheco's 14th Council Disctict

Dennis Zine's 3rd Council District



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