Lincoln Place and the Future of Affordable Housing

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The Lincoln Place Garden Apartments in Venice were built 55 years ago to provide low-cost housing for veterans returning from World War II. Then, as now, there was a shortage of affordable places to live, but Lincoln Place was special. There were 795 units in 52 buildings, none of which the same as another, as well as open green spaces and meandering lawns that were shared by the tenants. The remaining 45 buildings recently were declared "historic," but since the new owner announced plans to tear down what's left of the complex, residents have been moving out. Eviction notices have gone out to those who remain, but they're determined to stay. If increased population means greater density, can LA preserve open space in a moderate climate or does it have to build up? We hear from journalists, the developer, advocates of affordable housing and a leader in the fight to save Lincoln Place Gardens.



Warren Olney


Frances Anderton