Local Echoes of Hamas' Political Victory in the Middle East

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Earlier today, on To the Point, Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki said even Hamas was "shocked" to win a parliamentary majority in yesterday's elections. He said it was not so much a victory for Hamas as a punishment for decades of leadership by Fatah, the party of the late Yasser Arafat. In any case, voters have chosen a group that advocates the destruction of Israel. Israel says it won't deal with a terrorist organization, and President Bush said the same, while adding that changing power at the ballot box is a sign of increasing "liberty" in the Middle East. We get the views of Jewish and Arab leaders here in Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Getty Villa Set to Open, Under a Cloud
    When the refurbished Getty Villa in Malibu opens this weekend, visitors will see one of the world's great collections of antiquities. More than 300 pieces in the collection were sold and donated to the Museum by the late Lawrence Fleischman and his wife Barbara. Yesterday, Mrs. Fleischman resigned from the Getty board. We get an appreciation and update Fleischman's resignation with art critic Tyler Green, who writes the blog Modern Art Notes.
  • Reporter's Notebook#2: LA Youth on Killing of 13-Year-Old Devin Brown by LAPD
    Next Tuesday, the LA Police Commission promises to rule on whether Officer Steven Garcia was justified in the shooting death of 13-year old Devin Brown. The District Attorney has declined to prosecute Garcia, who says the boy tried to run him down after being chased while driving a stolen car in South Los Angeles. The incident occurred almost a year ago, but young people remember, as we hear from 22-year old Cassandra Gonzalez of Youth Radio.

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