Car-Culture Capital Hosts Centennial Auto Show

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LA's first auto show consisted of 99 cars inside a skating rink--100 years ago. The show that opens tomorrow will have numerous cars from each of 47 different manufacturers, ranging from subcompacts to full-size luxury sedans, pickups, SUV's, crossovers and sports cars. Despite its history, the Los Angeles Auto Show has an inferiority complex. It was purposely scheduled this month to avoid conflict with its younger, much bigger brother, the Detroit Auto Show. Governor Schwarzenegger, who wants California to take the lead against global warming and auto pollution, challenged auto makers to deliver more efficient clean-air vehicles. Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court took up Massacusetts v EPA, over whether the US Environmental Protection Agency be sued for refusing to regulate carbon emissions, since the Clean Air Act mandates that all pollution sources be regulated.




Warren Olney