Los Angeles Experts on Looting of Baghdad Museum

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It contained what some call the DNA of Western Civilization, not to mention the antiquities that define national unity for the diverse people of modern Iraq. Since the 1940-s, every artifact from every archeological expedition in that country has gone into Iraqi museums. The National Museum in Baghdad held the biggest collection of all, and the Pentagon concedes it was asked to protect irreplaceable objects that could bring billions on the black market. Although last week's looting of the museum was widely predicted, US forces did nothing to stop it. Now, as the shock waves extend well beyond the worlds of art and archeology, President Bush has ordered the FBI to help find the irreplaceable treasures. We hear from three Los Angeles institutions about what the loss means-culturally and emotionally-and what they-re doing about it.
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    California Senator Dianne Feinstein is threatening to filibuster a bill that has passed the House with support from the National Rifle Association. It would block most lawsuits against the gun industry for harm caused by the misuse of firearms or ammunition. Lewis Tolley, western regional director of Handgun Control and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, warns that the bill will lock victims of hand-gun violence out of court.

Prohibition of Civil Liability Actions against Gun Control Industry (H Res 181)



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