Money and the Mayor's Race

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Ten years ago, Los Angeles voters passed campaign-spending limits to be enforced by a new Ethics Commission, but there's so much money in this year's mayoral campaign that one Commission member calls the limits "meaningless." Last year's so-called "independent expenditures" in the mayoral race totaled a record $1.5 million. This year, with a week still to go, the total has risen to $2.3 million. We hear more about the difficulty in controlling the money in politics from City Ethics Commissioner Bill Boyarsky and Republican political strategist Alan Hoffenblum.

  • Making News: Weekend Rally Planned against California Youth Authority
    On Saturday, the day before Mothers' Day, protesters from around the state will gather in Norwalk to honor the mothers whose kids are incarcerated by the California Youth Authority. We hear more from Lenore Anderson of Director of Books Not Bars, one of the groups involved, and the CYA's Sarah Ludeman.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The New SAT
    On Saturday, a second group of high school students will be taking the new SAT, which used to be called the Scholastic Aptitude Test. For the first time, kids who want to get into college are being asked to write an essay. Jazmine Livingston of Youth Radio LA took it on March 12, and says it wasn't so bad.

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