New Strategy for Illegal Immigration, Free Flights Home

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When illegal immigrants are just dumped across the Mexican border, they-re often back in this county the next day. Now, the Bush administration is loading them onto jet planes and flying them to Mexico City. From there, they-re bused to their hometown, hundreds of miles from the US border. The Department of Homeland Security says it-s part of a pilot program to reduce illegal immigration and increase border security. Will that make a dent in illegal immigration? Warren Olney speaks with a proponent of immigration reform and an immigrants' rights advocate, both of whom say they already know the answer.
  • Making News: 2004 Emmy Nominations Announced
    The 2004 Emmy nominations are out today, and it-s HBO-now, more than ever. Ray Richmond, TV critic for the Hollywood Reporter, laments some surprising omissions and praises HBO's creative freedom for winning the network 126 nominations for shows as diverse as Sex in the City, Deadwood, The Sopranos and Angels in America, which alone garnered 21 nominations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: First Anniversary of Santa Monica Farmers' Market Accident
    One year ago tomorrow, 87-year-old Russell Weller was arrested after his car bulldozed its way through the Farmers- Market in Santa Monica, killing 10 people and injuring 63 more. Carolyn Sackariason has been keeping track of the tragedy's aftermath for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

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