Primary Eve: Who’s Voting and Are the Polling Booths Ready?

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In one California precinct, there are 73 candidates on the ballot for 19 different offices from the Governorship to county supervisor to local water district. The good news is that nobody has to vote for them all. We hear about mail in voting — it's too late for that now -- and get an outline of California's Top Two system and how it works. Also tonight, a special report on the highly-charged dynamics in the race for Los Angeles County Sheriff, one of America's biggest law enforcement agencies. (You can see all KCRW’s political coverage and links to much more at

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, just three years ago, it appeared that dictatorships in the Middle East might become relics of the political past, replaced by democracy.  Now, strongmen in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere have found ways to use the electoral process to maintain power or attain it. We look at America's options.


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