Is the Wrong Person in Teacher Jail?

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Rafe Esquith teaches fifth grade at LA Unified's Hobart Elementary School in Koreatown.  He's been profiled by PBS, CBS, Time and People.  The Washington Post has called him "the most famous teacher in the world." But he's been out of the classroom since April—relegated to what's called "teacher jail."  Zahira Torres is an investigative reporter covering education for the LA Times.


Statement from LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines regarding Rafe Esquith
June 19, 2015

"This is a very complex issue. While I respect that this teacher is extremely popular – and has been for some time – in the briefings that have been given to me, there are serious issues that go beyond the initial investigation.

The Los Angeles Unified School District will not be rushed to make a decision and will complete our investigation with the highest level of integrity. The safety and security of every District student will remain our number one priority."




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