Potholes for Bill Jones and Proposition 42

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With 12 years in the State Assembly and 2 terms as Secretary of State, Bill Jones looked like the man to beat in California's Republican gubernatorial primary. Then, along came two multi-millionaires who have the resources to create a media blitz. According to the latest polls, businessman Bill Simon and former LA Mayor Richard Riordan each now claim at least 30 percent. Jones, who is trailing with between 9 and 14 percent, is the only Republican candidate with statewide experience. So how does the author of California's "three strikes" law plan to pull off an upset? Jones is certain that voters will be drawn to his "less government, more opportunity and freedom" approach as well as his proven ability to pull the party together.

Interview with Bill Simon (aired February 26), Richard Riordan (aired March 1).

  • Reporter's Notebook: Proposition 42: The Transportation Congestion Improvement Act
    California's highways were recently judged among the worst in the US. Will Proposition 42, on the March 5 ballot, fix that problem? Carol Evans, of the California Taxpayers Association, says that a yes vote will require that state gasoline sales taxes be dedicated to roads, highways and public transit. Viola Gonzalez, of the Latino Issues Forum, argues that restricting revenue usage during the current budget deficit is unwise.

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Proposition 42: The Transportation Congestion Improvement Act

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