Power; LA County Hunger; John McKay

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Although food is plentiful in the United States, many Americans don't always get enough to eat. A new Los Angeles County study shows that "food insecurity" here doubles the national average. Nationally, an average of 3% of the population officially runs the risk of going hungry each year. But in LA County the number is double that: 6%. Tonight, we'll hear why families of four making 50,000 dollars a year can't always get enough to eat around here.
  • Newsmaker: Is California really "turning the corner" on the energy crisis? -- Last week, Governor Davis told the San Francisco Chronicle California had "won the war" against the big energy producers. Today, LA Times columnist George Skelton says the Governor called him on the phone and repeated 20 times that California is "turning the corner." Does that mean it's okay to stop worrying about conserving electricity? We talk with Steve Maviglio, Press Secretary to Governor Davis.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Former USC Football Coach John McKay Dies -- Twenty-five years ago, everybody in Southern California knew the name of John McKay. He was the coach who restored the University of Southern California to the status of national super-power in collegiate football. John McKay died yesterday at the age of 77.



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