President Bush Addresses Nation on Iraqi Sovereignty

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Faced with a litany of negative news from Iraq, President Bush tonight began a series of speeches designed to portray a rosier future. With the transfer of power just a month away, the President laid out a five-point plan to get Iraq back on its feet and make the Abu Ghraib prison a symbol not of -disgraceful conduct- but -Iraq-s new beginning.- The President repeated his contention that removing terrorist violence from the Middle East will help make America more secure. In the wake of continuing bad news and growing skepticism, has he made a start at damage control? We get reaction from Washington and hear results of the latest poll asking Californians if they think the war in Iraq is worth what it-s costing. Warren Olney speaks with Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall, experts on civil society, the head of the Field Poll and the mother of an enlisted Army specialist.

President Outlines Steps to Help Iraq Achieve Democracy and Freedom

US-UK resolution on Iraqi sovereignty

Field Poll on Californian attitudes to the war in Iraq



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