Proposition 74: California Teachers and Next Week's Election

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Governor Schwarzenegger says California's wasting money on teachers who can't--or don't--do their jobs, so his pushing Proposition 74 on next week's ballot. Prop 74 would increase the probationary period from two years to five and do away with the current requirement that gives teachers 90 days to clean up their acts after unsatisfactory evaluations by school principals. Opponents call that unfair punishment that will drive qualified professionals out of teaching and make matters worse for the public schools. The California Teachers Association has raised union dues to fight him. We hear both sides.
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    With $9 billion, the Getty Trust is the world's richest art institution. Now a committee of five Getty trustees has been appointed to investigate two major embarrassments. The first involves criminal charges by Italy, the second, an investigation by California's State Attorney General that Chief Executive Barry Munitz has been too lavish with the Getty's tax-exempt money. Thomas Hoving, former director of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, helped write UNESCO's convention against art smuggling.

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