Public Oversight for California's Stem-Cell Research?

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Prop 71 passed overwhelmingly last month to put the State of California in the business of stem-cell research, with the promise of cures and preventions for mankind's worst diseases. But as scientists and grant-makers met this week in Irvine to map strategies for spending $3 billion in bond money over the next ten years, little known provisions of the measure are making even supporters uneasy, despite reassurances from real estate developer Robert Klein, who played a big role in the campaign to pass the proposition. We hear more from Laura Mecoy, who's covering the story for the Sacramento Bee, and State Senator Deborah Ortiz of Sacramento County, a long time supporter of stem-cell research who believes some changes are needed to make protect taxpayers.
  • Making News: San Diego Mayor Sworn In Despite Write-In Challenge
    San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy was finally sworn in for a second term today, despite a dizzy roller-coaster ride, ill-suited to a "low-key, methodical" politician who doesn't like sudden moves. That's according to Phil LaVelle, who's been covering the story for the San Diego Union-Tribune. LaVelle also reports on the city's ongoing financial challenge, and an investigation into possible charges of corruption.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Automakers Sue California over New Emissions Law
    Nine of the major companies that make cars, trucks and SUV's have gone to court to stop California's Air Resources Board from implementing a rule to prevent global warming. The rule, which is supported by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is in conflict with federal law. Paul Rogers, who is covering the story for the San Jose Mercury, says the ARB appears to have a pretty solid case.

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