Rent Control

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Sarah Catania: Political reporter for the L.A. Weekly. Kate Wechsler: Aggrieved Santa Monica tenant. Iona Blackwell: General counsel of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board for the past eight years.Bob Sullivan: Principal in Sullivan-Dituri Real Estate which owns and/or manages 1,500 apartment units in Santa Monica; past President of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, and chairman of the Association's state legislative committee which worked hard for passage of the Costa-Hawkins bill which ended rent control in California. Christopher Harding: Partner in the law firm of Lawrence & Harding. Land use specialist. Long involved with rent-control issues and has represented both the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Housing Council. Supportive of vacancy decontrol. Joan Ling: Director if the Community Corporation of Santa Monica, the largest developer and manager of low income housing in Santa Monica.Gary Squier: Executive director, Los Angeles Housing Department; he steps down at the end of the month. Alice Callahan: President of the Skid Row Housing Trust, which purchases, rehabs and manages Skid Row Hotels; director, Las Familias del Pueblos. William Gibson: Sociologist at Cal State Long Beach who studies environmental disputes along the California coast, including development, overpopulation, and the health of marine life; he covers coastal issues for the L.A. Weekly. Anthony Trendacosta: General counsel of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board for the past eight years.

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